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Bringing a client's vision to reality is something we've been taking pride in since 1999. We produce high end builds using your wants and needs mixed with our experience, attention to detail and what we feel is keeping up with industry standards. A plan is where it all starts, from communication to sketches and renderings, we'll make sure the build is what you want. At this time our in-house engineer will start laying out any necessary CAD  (Computer Aided Design) work used to machine any custom parts. The design and engineering process remains throughout the entire build of the vehicle.

Once we have a good idea of the design we'll tear the vehicle down and and start fabrication. We'll take it to a local media blaster to have the car stripped down to bare metal then fabrication begins, fixing rust areas first, and body bracing for major cutting if need be. Our fabricators are well versed in steel and aluminum fabrication, and can form even the most complex of panels. Suspension and drivetrain assembly is handled at this time as well, plumbing is ran, and wiring is routed. All entities are mocked up to achieve a full “roller”.

The vehicle then gets completely disassembled and the finishing process begins. Body work gets completed, and plating processes are started. Once the body is perfect we’ll finish it using Glasurit paint, their products prove to be the best for us, never missing our goal of achieving a flawless finish. Final plating is then completed, final cut and buffing is done and everything gets reassembled taking special care to ensure a tight fit on all parts. Interior work is handled by M&M Hot Rod Interiors or Paul Adkins Interiors for that touch of leather that completes the look and feel of the car. Once complete we fire the engine and have it fine tuned using the best  tuning equipment on the market, it's then time to take it to the streets.

Concept Rendering by Eric Brockmeyer Concept Rendering by Eric Brockmeyer CAD Rendering CAD Rendering lightbox jquery divby VisualLightBox.com v6.1
Floor Pan cutting, and wheel wheel fabrication. Tank fabrication Bumper fabrication housing exhaust and diffuser. Welding lightbox jquery divby VisualLightBox.com v6.1
Wet sanding after paint Final Assembly Final Assembly Final Assembly lightbox jquery divby VisualLightBox.com v6.1
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