‘37 Ford

Owner: Joe Stuban

Joe’s ‘37 is based on a Manoti fiberglass body, with a TCI Chassis. The engine and transmission is a 6.1 liter Hemi with a 5 speed automatic. Custom touches include one-off wheels, headlight bezels that surround Mercedes headlights, hand fabricated trim, GAC tail lights, and a one-off steering wheel.

Rendering by Eric Brockmeyer Rendering by Eric Brockmeyer Photo Courtesy: Josh Mishler Photo Courtesy: Josh Mishler Photo Courtesy: Josh Mishler Photo Courtesy: Josh Mishler Photo Courtesy: John Jackson Photo Courtesy: John Jackson Fitting the macinined license plate surround. Final Assembly Finish wiring and interior fabrication. Final Assembly Final Assembly Fenders in the paint booth. Jeff wet sanding the body. Chassis and driveline assembly. Engine and trans painted and assembled. Wheels 3D modeled and rendered. Wheels after machining. Wheels getting primed. Steering wheel 3D modeled and rendered. Steering wheel during machining. Steering wheel trim after machining. Headlight bezel 3D Modeled and rendered. Hand formed trim for hood. One off mirrors welded to trim. License plate surrond after machining. License plate trim mockup. Interior fabrication Interior fabrication Hood side structure fabrication. Hood side structure fabrication. Hood side and grill fabrication. lightbox jquery divby VisualLightBox.com v6.1
Joe Stuban's '37 Ford
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